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"Silent Library" with Ernesto Hoost

I've been doing this video blog for a while now. I try to have an editorial eye -- just as the videos you pass on to friends say something about you, the videos I post here say something about me. I would only post something I feel is worth your time. I understand that, in the world of viral videos, shorter is better. Rarely would I pass something along that's nearly 10 minutes long. But trust me: This is worth it.

The premise of this Japanese variety show excerpt: Put a bunch of people in a library and make them draw cards to see who has to complete a ridiculous dare. Contestants must try to remain quiet throughout the whole thing -- which isn't easy for them, and won't be easy for you, either. This "Silent Library" stars Ernesto "Mr. Perfect" Hoost, a Dutch kickboxer and four-time K-1 World Champion.

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I was smiling all the time.... (Below threshold)
Luz Mery:

I was smiling all the time. congratulations. I have a doubt, is it a commercial or they are really playing the game in a library? I cant believe the other people are so quite studying.

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