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"Police Brutality" Caught on Cell Phone Video

I'm using "Police Brutality" in quotes only because the quality is so bad that it's hard to qualify that actual brutality is taking place. Is this the Rodney King of Philadelphia? Old City, for those of you who don't know Philadelphia, is like the Bourbon Street of the city. On any given night, and especially on weekends, the area is filled with drunk girls in heels and tank tops, muscled-up testosteronied dudes, and general alcohol-fuled chaos.

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Comments (3)

Damn, I can't think of a si... (Below threshold)

Damn, I can't think of a single reason why someone needs to resists arrest. You get what you get B.

Philly's gone soft. In Fra... (Below threshold)

Philly's gone soft. In Frank Rizzo's day there would have been plenty of blood and all the spectators would have been locked up in police vans as well.

You people that think that ... (Below threshold)

You people that think that the police are fine with the brutality can go to hell, a cop touches me he gettin touched back and that is not a threat it is a promise, i'm gettin locked up anyway, F$#%% cops, they only protect and serve their own selves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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