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The Cult Of The Lonely Girl

YouTube mega star Bree (lonelygirl15) is the new queen of YouTube, long may she reign. If history is any guide she may not reign long, she sure does reign hard. Bree has a stranglehold on top spots of views, subscriptions, comments, etc. at YouTube. Even the people obsessing over her videos are struggling to understand her appeal,

"For some reason, i find myself watching these videos. I have no idea why. Honestly i have a life and i enjoy it. I am only a small time youtuber, But why the hell do i watch these videos?"

Well it could have a little something to do with the disinterested Daniel...

The key to the Lonely Girl series is the occasional appearance of Daniel in her room as she waxes romantic. Daniel seems more interested in playing with monkey puppets that waxing a little Lonely Girl ass. And that, in a nutshell, explains the popularity of the series. If you were Daniel you'd be tapping that ass, or killing yourself trying.

Is there an end in sight for lonelygirl15's video barrage? Well Daniel could admit he's secretly longs for the ever dreamy Clay Aiken, or Bree could announce she's off to Hollywood to work for Jenna Jameson or Carson Daly, but the most likely scenario is that there's something else going on behind the series. The whole collection of videos could be the early stages of a "That Girl Emily" style viral campaign; or there could be an "EmoGuy" story turn.

Whatever the future holds we'll be watching.

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